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f Start Contact Links Dental care Studies E-mailDental clinics in Hungary offer high quality treatments at attractive prices. We offer you the services of DENTALCOOP, a private clinic located 15 minutes from the centre of Budapest which, thanks to his team of competent dentists, hygienists and assistants, performs treatments in all areas of dental care. DENTALCOOP works with the latest generation materials and techniques. Areas of specialization are implant dentistry and dental prosthetics paying special attention to cosmetic dentistry. A first evaluation followed by a treatment plan and an estimation of costs are made for free; on the basis of a panoramic radiography, this assessment may in some cases also be done from distance. The care team and the reception speak English; we assist you in the preparation of the file. You will find more information on:
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(French language version of DENTALCOOP’s Web site will be online by June 2011.) You can also contact us to organise your stay in Budapest for the duration of the treatment. For more information contact us by phone (+ 41 22 784 29 91) or by .